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Integrity Essential Training

Four new courses designed to get you up and running in integrity – fast!

  • Integrity made simple: Start with the basics and work your way up with engaging step by step instructions
  • Concise content: Modules are 2-5 minutes in length, so you can learn as little or as lot as you like
  • Searchable content: Find what you need to know right when you need it
  • Learn by doing: Watch the video then follow along with lab guide instructions
  • More Essential Training on the way!

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Introduction to Integrity 

An engaging introduction and step-by-step walkthrough of all that Integrity can do – from IPv4/IPv6 management, DHCP and DNS configuration, data management, automation, security, monitoring, tracking, as well as server management and user access rights.




Module 1: Introduction to Integrity – Overview

IPv4 Address Management 

A quick and easy walkthrough of BlueCat Address Manager’s IP creation and modelling tools. Learn how to architect and manage IP space, and discover tools to help maximize IP space usage.




Module 4: Modelling Blocks and Networks – Overview

DHCP Configuration

Learn to quickly define, modify, deploy and manage DHCP ranges in Address Manager. Learn four easy steps to create and deploy DHCP, and then put it in motion by creating DHCP ranges, setting usage alerts, adding deployment options, and deploying DHCP.




Module 2: DHCP Refresher – Overview

DNS Fundamentals

A quick introduction to DNS concepts and components. Learn to configure DNS views and Zones, and how to read a zone file. Get familiar with adding resource records, SOA records, configuring reverse DNS, PTR records, DNS Redundancy and deployment.




Module 1 – DNS Fundamentals – Overview


All of our courses are housed under a single platform called BlueCat Learning. This is a great choice for those looking for a self-paced interactive learning experience.

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Instructor-led training provides practical, hands-on instruction that allows you and your team to hit the ground running as soon as the course is completed.

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