BlueCat Among Canada’s Best Workplaces™ in Technology

It’s a good thing we’ve expanded our office space – we might need to install a trophy cabinet.

It’s a good thing we’ve expanded our office space – we might need to install a trophy cabinet. BlueCat is proud to announce that we’ve been named as one of Canada’s Best Workplaces in Technology. And with over 100 open positions currently available in our Toronto office, we’re looking forward to further bolstering our position in the tech industry with a few more exceptional people.

As a DNS and Cyber Security provider, we are in the business of providing a crucial service to our customers by managing and protecting their networks, and making sure they are consistently satisfied. So how do we provide them with unsurpassed Adaptive DNS and cyber security solutions? By fostering a company culture of curiosity and ownership and making sure our employees are set up for success.

Best Workplaces in tech

BlueCat has been named a Best Workplace for Women, one of Canada’s Best Employers for Recent Graduates, and most recently earned the award for one of Canada’s Best Workplaces in Technology. We owe our success to our incredible team of passionate employees and strong leaders. From our co-op program to our career advancement allowances and more, we know that the more we invest in our employees, the better they will be and the more successful BlueCat will be.

Some organizations print their core values on a page, mention them in passing on an employee’s first day – never to be seen again. Our core values are one of the first things you see when arrive at reception, printed on a wall in bright, foot-high letters; however, you don’t need to read them to know exactly what they are. You can see them and feel them the moment you step into our shiny, new 40,000 square foot Toronto office. Clarity, curiosity, collaboration, transparency, ownership – Our commitment to these values is what makes BlueCat Great Place to Work-Certified™.

Each member of our dedicated crew knows that not only does their voice matter, but it’s crucial to BlueCat’s success and innovation. Armed with an all-important sense of accountability and ownership, every BlueCat employee has the power to make real change both within the company and out in the expanding world of Adaptive DNS and DNS security.

Want to be a part of a one of Canada’s Great Places to Work? Check out BlueCat’s career postings. We can’t wait to meet you.

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