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BlueCat’s DDI products help manage complexity from the core to the network edge.


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BlueCat Integrity – DDI Management

For enterprises wrestling with manual DNS record changes on decentralized DDI, BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers make IP and network management easy.

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Unify Disparate DDI

Provides an authoritative source of intelligence and insight into the relationship between devices, users, and IP addresses on your network to enhance automation.

Deploy Anywhere

Move DDI management closer to compute workloads and across physical or hybrid environments.

Highly Available

Built-in redundant resources and flexible failover options allow services to keep running even when things go wrong.

BlueCat Edge – Smart DNS Resolution

Get visibility and control over internal and external DNS traffic to simplify DNS operations, tighten security, and improve network performance in ways traditional DNS solutions can’t.

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Greater Control

Use intelligent forwarding capabilities to optimize resolution paths and apply policies to secure access for applications and users.

Deep Visibility

Log every internal and external DNS query and response from every client type, providing investigative context — with no agent required.

Stop Threats

Integrate with popular security technologies and threat feeds to shorten time-to-detect, -investigate, and -remediate threats.

BlueCat Gateway – Automation & Integrations

Deploy critical DNS services faster to accelerate innovation.

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Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

Innovate faster by adopting new technologies to deploy new applications and services faster.

Beat SLAs

Increase operational efficiency and rapid service delivery for day-to-day IT requests across the enterprise.

Complete Confidence

Eliminate manual errors by automating repetitive network configuration and provisioning tasks.

Speaking One Language

Core to our solutions is an API-first approach that utilizes open-source Swagger tools built around Open API specifications—making our APIs easy to consume for “code-friendly customers”.

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Network VIP Community

Join our Slack community to meet hundreds of network & DNS experts fighting IT complexity every day.


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