BlueCat Branch DDI

Deploy secure and compliant DNS on existing branch network infrastructure to protect against business disruption.

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Learn how self-reliant branch networking infrastructure can extend resiliency at multiple brick-and-mortar locations.

Self-Reliant DNS for branch locations

Local survivability

Maintain internal resolution at the branch level when upstream DNS is down.

Maintain compliance

Ensure policy enforcement of local IoT and point-of-service device resolution.

Maintain security

Always-on threat protection for branch endpoints to secure the enterprise.

Maximize existing network infrastructure

Fully integrated

Complete integration between supported third-party infrastructure and BlueCat.


Right-size network infrastructure investments to maintain branch IT budgets.

Full utilization

Leverage untapped local network resources to bring self-reliant DNS to the branch level.

Maintain visibility and control across multiple locations

Centralize control

Configure and deploy from one location using BlueCat Edge.

Complete visibility

Monitor and inspect all queries made by branch locations.

Access health eata

Keep a pulse on service health and data integrity.

Branch DDI Features

  • DNS Edge Security Services: Create namespace and policy rules for all guest Wi-Fi services to protect endpoints across all brick-and-mortar footprints.
  • Cloud console: Use advanced filtering for granular endpoint and geo-analysis of all on-site traffic utilized.
  • Edge upgrades and updates: Automated upgrades and updates that are centrally managed without requiring local administrators to trigger events at the box.

BlueCat Branch DDI is powered by BlueCat Edge.

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