Core Network Services

Turn your DDI data into an engine for innovation and growth and reduce network admin costs by 80% with unified DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) services.
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Most businesses don’t take notice of their DDI infrastructure until something goes wrong.

Which means while everything’s running smoothly, that infrastructure gets taken for granted, and that’s a shame – because with the right DDI infrastructure, you can do some pretty awesome things.

For example – with Adaptive DNS all your critical DDI infrastructure will be united under one intelligent roof, giving you centralized visibility and control of all of your DNS traffic, round the clock.

And that’s just the start of what Adaptive DNS is capable of…


Enjoy a responsive, reliable network that enables core services and speeds application performance and availability. Our feature-rich DNS solutions can be deployed across on-prem, virtual and cloud environments.


Boost security and availability, achieve a more scalable architecture, and get dual-stack support across hybrid IT and multi-cloud infrastructures. Our DHCP solution also helps you make the most of limited IPv4 space and dual-stacked IPv4 and IPv6 DNS environments.


Stop using IP address spreadsheets and get a single source of truth for relationships between devices, users, and IP addresses on your network. Use built-in IP modeling tools and network templates to simplify management, and unify your entire IT estate both on-prem and in the cloud.

Advanced Networking

Latency is one of the biggest challenges for today’s network teams. Latency hurts businesses not just from a productivity standpoint, but by lowering customer satisfaction levels, and revenue.

Poorly optimized routing is one of the leading causes of latency. Traffic gets inadvertently routed to failed servers or lost without notification.

The good news? We’ve found a way to eliminate that latency – it’s called Adaptive DNS.

Accelerate application response times

Sitting on the ‘first hop,’ BlueCat starts by routing queries to the first identified namespace. If the answer isn’t returned, it tries the next, in priority order. This continues until an answer is found.

Steer and optimize traffic

With complete visibility over your network and control of the DNS resolution path, you can steer DNS traffic to optimize network performance — minimizing your network costs into the bargain.

Unleash NetOps

With optimized traffic, intelligent disaster recovery and automated policies to secure your network (and meet compliance standards), your NetOps team will have more time for the strategic, profitable stuff.

BlueCat Micetro for Microsoft overlay

Most corporate networks are now hybrid, multicloud, multi-platform, and more complex. Within many of these networks, Microsoft plays an integral role. But it’s no longer the only vendor within the IT environment, which posts some challenges when it comes to DDI management.

Using BlueCat Micetro as an overlay solution for Microsoft will take your DDI management to the next level with better IP address management, centralized DNS and DHCP services, granular access control, and extended capabilities with other non-Microsoft platforms.

Migrating from Microsoft DNS is a big move. Take your time and get it right.

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Guarantee service uptime

Continue to leverage Microsoft DNS and DHCP for dependent environments as you migrate to BlueCat.

See everything in one place

With a single source of truth in place, you’ll have comprehensive visibility into the extended Microsoft DNS and DHCP service from a single pane of glass.

Get scalability and performance

Provide informed decisions across business units by allowing third-party tools to consume Microsoft DNS and DHCP data from one source of truth.

Direct internet access

Branch offices need fast access to cloud-based applications and data. But as today’s data centers struggle to deal with ever-increasing network traffic, latency keeps getting in the way.

To speed things up, we’ve found a way to ensure as much network traffic as possible bypasses your overworked data center, without leaving your security team’s sight.

With Direct Internet Access (DIA), you’ll intelligently route trusted traffic directly to the internet, making latency a thing of the past.

Deploy easily

Our lightweight service points can be deployed everywhere: on prem, virtual or cloud.

Optimize performance

No more DNS backhauling over costly MPLS lines – connect to the closest entry point for cloud-based apps so you don’t have to rely on connecting to HQ.

Put security everywhere

Our service points collect DNS logs, so every query and response gets recorded and monitored — and your security team have full network visibility at all times, in all locations.

Additional features
  • Integration points with Active Directory
    In addition to its status as an Active Directory DNS service, BlueCat also features multiple data exchanges with Active Directory through LDAP, DDNS, and automation workflows.
  • Integrated Data Validation Tools
    Ensure your DNS and DHCP configurations are valid before deployment.
  • Robust API library
    Facilitate continuous updates, improve threat detection, and direct policy enforcement with instant access for users and applications.
  • Flexible Role-Based Access Control
    Provide selective access to core network infrastructure with automated self-service options.
  • Single-Sign On (SSO)
    Protect your DDI tools though federated identity and enforce mandatory log-in using SAML 2.0 and/or multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Hypervisor support
    Manage DDI deployments with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • One click DNSSEC deployment
    Easily deploy and manage DNSSEC across the enterprise through a single platform with HSM-based key security.
  • Public cloud integration
    Deploy BlueCat in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. And get visibility into activity in native tools like Route 53, Azure DNS, and GCP DNS, or use BlueCat as your sole DDI provider across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Full IPv6 Support
    Make the most of limited IPv4 space, and manage dual-stacked IPv4 and IPv6 environments.
  • High availability for DNS and DHCP
    Deliver the highest standards of service uptime with the flexibility to deploy in high throughput, centralized architectures, or fully distributed environments.
  • Threat Protection
    Leverage DNS data to rapidly identify and stop threats using our industry-leading threat intelligence powered by Crowdstrike.
  • Conditional forwarding
    Cut through complexity by linking assets dynamically across environments.
  • Direct internet access
    Reduce latency and MPLS costs with direct connections to trusted services.
  • Migration failover
    Create multiple DNS paths for queries to ensure that data can always be located.
  • Automated management
    Automatically adjust links to cloud instances and SD-WAN controllers, maintaining connections even as the location of underlying services changes.
  • Backwards compatibility
    Not ready to upgrade? Unlike other DDI providers, BlueCat lets you adopt new versions on your own timeframe, maintaining support for two previous versions.

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