Level up your DDI know-how with BlueCat training

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, BlueCat training offers self-paced online learning, instructor-led training, and expert certification badges.

Rebekah Taylor

March 9, 2022

Ready to level up your DDI know-how? Look no further than BlueCat training.

Whether you’re just starting out with DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) or aim to become an expert in BlueCat environments, BlueCat training has what you need. Our self-paced online learning from BlueCat Learning, as well as our instructor-led training, can help you take your BlueCat product know-how to new heights.

Furthermore, with BlueCat’s Learning Certification Program, you can now earn expert certifications and shareable digital badges upon completing course requirements.

In this post, you’ll get all the details you need about BlueCat’s Learning Certification Program. Additionally, it will cover the two brand-new certifications for Hybrid Cloud and DNS Professional and explore the four learning streams that make up the certification program. Finally, it will touch on instructor-led training as an alternative to on-demand learning.

Learning Certification Program

Network admins need to be optimally equipped to manage BlueCat DDI environments. BlueCat training offers structured learning paths that start with the basics and gradually level up your BlueCat DDI know-how.

BlueCat’s Learning Certification Program offers Associate, Professional, and Advanced certifications upon passing a certification exam.

And now, when you meet all the requirements to validate the knowledge, skills, and competencies that you gained through training, you will receive a digital badge for your certification. You can share the badges you earn with your social networks so your professional community can verify your expertise.

All BlueCat Learning subscribers have full access to the learning modules for each certification program level. It’s easy to browse content and find the training you need.

If you’re ready to subscribe to BlueCat Learning to become a certified expert in what interests you, get started today!

BlueCat Learning Certification Program badges for Integrity, Edge, automation, and DDI learning streams

Two new certifications: Hybrid Cloud and DNS Professional

As part of the Learning Certification program rollout, BlueCat has also launched two new certification learning paths: Hybrid Cloud Professional and DNS Professional.

You can become a Hybrid Cloud Certified Professional and earn your digital badge by taking all three Hybrid Cloud Professional courses and passing the certification exam. The three courses include:

  • DDI for Hybrid Cloud
  • Cloud Discovery and Visibility
  • Hybrid DNS Update

In addition, you can become a DNS Certified Professional and earn your digital badge by taking all four DNS Professional courses and passing the certification exam. The four courses include:

  • Managing DNS Views and Zones
  • Dynamic DNS
  • DNS Logging
  • DNS Activity

Four learning streams

All of BlueCat’s certifications fall under four learning streams: Integrity, Edge, automation, and DDI. Below are the details about each.

Integrity Stream

Learn how to use all of BlueCat Integrity’s features and functions. Topics range from architecting the IP space to advanced troubleshooting, as well as how to utilize the BlueCat Address Manager interface.

Learning paths and certifications in the Integrity Stream include:

  • Integrity Essential Training: A guided tour through all the core features and functions of BlueCat Integrity. Earn the BlueCat Integrity Certified Associate badge.
  • DNS Professional (New!): A deep dive into configuring and managing DNS architectures with multiple zones and views, internal and external traffic, and dynamic DNS. Earn the BlueCat DNS Certified Professional badge.
  • Integrity Fundamentals – Essential Training Path: This training path focuses on the management of DHCP, the IP address space, server administration, IP discovery and administration, and crossover high availability pairs. Earn the BlueCat Integrity Fundamentals Certified Professional badge.
  • DNS Security in Integrity: This course focuses on how to secure networks using DNSSEC, response policy zones, and BlueCat Threat Protection. Earn the BlueCat Integrity Advanced Fundamentals Certified Professional badge.
  • Support Provider Fundamentals: This learning path focuses on advanced troubleshooting and management of BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS/DHCP Server. Earn the BlueCat Support Provider Advanced badge.

Edge Stream

Learn how to use BlueCat Edge to gain visibility and control over internal and external DNS traffic, optimize DNS resolution paths, and secure networks.

The learning path and certification in the Edge Stream is DNS Edge Fundamentals. Take a guided tour through all the core features and functions of BlueCat DNS Edge and earn the BlueCat DNS Edge Fundamentals badge.

Automation Stream

Learn how to implement and manage BlueCat’s automation solutions, including Gateway, adaptive applications, and plugins and APIs.

Learning paths and certifications in the Automation Stream include:

Gateway Fundamentals: A guided tour through all the core features and functions of BlueCat Gateway, the automation engine for BlueCat DNS Integrity. Earn the BlueCat Gateway Fundamentals badge.

Hybrid Cloud (New!): A guided tour through BlueCat’s hybrid cloud offering. This includes Cloud Discovery & Visibility for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and Hybrid DNS Update. Earn the BlueCat Hybrid Cloud Professional badge.

DDI Stream

Get product-agnostic foundational learning on the basics of DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

The learning path and certification in the DDI Stream is DHCP 101. Learn the foundations of the DHCP protocol, from what it is and why it is important to how it works and earn the BlueCat DHCP 101 badge.

On-demand not for you? Try instructor-led training

BlueCat’s online, on-demand learning platform is called BlueCat Learning. It offers something for everyone to get whatever training and certifications you need to take your knowledge to the next level.

That said, BlueCat gets that online learning isn’t for everyone. We offer both in-person and virtual instructor-led training that gives you the opportunity to benefit from a hands-on classroom environment. All instructor-led training includes practical, hands-on lab exercises that prepare you to hit the ground running as soon as the course is completed.

Not sure what learning streams are right for you or have other questions about BlueCat Learning before you subscribe? Reach out to our Learning Team.

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