What is Adaptive DNS?

Legacy DNS solutions are outdated, error-prone and manually configured. That’s bad. It means more work, higher risk, spiraling costs and stifled innovation.

Adaptive DNS™ is dynamic, open, secure, scalable and automated, helping businesses thrive in hybrid and multi-cloud complexity. That’s good.


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Increase resilience of critical infrastructure

Highly complex hybrid environments (i.e today’s enterprise environments) are too much for old-school DNS to handle.

Depending on your business, that could mean a number of different outcomes – from compromised functionality and overwhelmed teams to delays and reputational damage.

Avoid all those consequences while boosting network resilience with Adaptive DNS.

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Leverage DNS data to minimize risk

DNS data underpins everything in your business — that’s why the majority of cyberattacks use DNS as a point of entry.

When DNS data is spread across disparate systems, it’s extremely difficult to comb it for threats, and ensure compliance across your network. Learn how Adaptive DNS will help you turn your biggest threat vector into your first line of defense.

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Drive rapid change to enable faster innovation

With an old-school DNS, your NetOps team is stuck in the slow lane: making error-prone manual network changes, unable to serve DevOps, unable to innovate.

When you switch to Adaptive DNS, it’s like hitting the gas pedal.

Discover all the ways Adaptive DNS helps you accelerate innovation while driving rapid, seamless change.

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Embrace hybrid cloud

Being in the cloud means moving fast. Cloud and DevOps teams are constantly standing up new compute, tearing it down, and moving workloads. They expect all this stuff to just work. Network teams have to make it work.

This is a big challenge. BlueCat solutions help customers keep up with rapid change while maintaining core DDI infrastructure. Learn how Adaptive DNS helps organizations embrace hybrid cloud by restoring unified visibility, control and DNS resolution across datacenter and cloud services.

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