DNS, DHCP, & IPAM Management Platform.

BlueCat provides an intelligent DDI platform designed to eliminate complexity, automate provisioning, accelerate application deployment, and ensures business resilience.

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The DDI solutions you need

Build a reliable, secure, and resilient network foundation that is primed for agility in the face of changing demands. BlueCat’s DDI solutions allow network teams to apply policies and automate network services, decreasing operating costs and increasing operational efficiency. This cost-effective solution also gives network teams the flexibility they need to fully support modern IT infrastructure.

Core Network Services

Unify your DDI services and get centralized visibility across all your DDI data — establishing a reliable network foundation that fuels innovation and growth.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Accelerate initiatives, make life easier for DevOps and NetOps, and get a single source of truth across your entire hybrid cloud estate.

Network Automation

Eliminate manual work and harness zero-touch automation for low network costs, rapid innovation and smooth, seamless networking.

Network Security

Transform DNS from your biggest threat vector into your first line of defense. Rapidly detect and remediate threats, and meet compliance standards with ease.

BlueCat Adaptive DNS™

For over 20 years, we’ve been transforming the biggest, most complex business networks around the world with Adaptive DNS™. Our Adaptive DNS platform improves control and compliance across entire networks, allowing organizations to centralize and automate DNS services for security and operational efficiency. The largest global enterprises trust BlueCat to provide the foundation for digital transformation strategies such as cloud migration, virtualization, and cybersecurity.

Adaptive DNS: The future of networking

Complex networks mean more work, higher risk, spiraling costs, and stifled innovation. BlueCat changes that with Adaptive DNS. BlueCat Adaptive DNS™ is dynamic, open, secure, scalable, and automated, helping businesses thrive in hybrid and multi-cloud complexity.

Use Adaptive DNS to control your workloads, manage risk, reduce costs, and fuel innovation.

Increase the resilience of critical infrastructure

Minimize downtime, cut latency, and deliver a seamless network experience with solutions for DDI that scale to meet escalating demands.

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Leverage DNS to reduce risk

Gain complete visibility and control over your DNS traffic, annihilate threats automatically, and meet compliance standards effortlessly.

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Drive rapid change and accelerate innovation

Catalyze your biggest initiatives with flexible, cloud-friendly networking that automates configuration and provisioning tasks.

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Embrace hybrid cloud

Restore unified visibility, control and DNS resolution across both data center and your growing hybrid cloud landscape with Adaptive DNS.

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BlueCat’s DDI products help manage complexity from the core to the network edge.

BlueCat Integrity – DDI Management

For enterprises wrestling with manual DNS record changes on decentralized DDI, BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS/DHCP Servers make IP and network management easy.

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Unify Disparate DDI

Provides an authoritative source of intelligence and insight into the relationship between devices, users, and IP addresses on your network to enhance automation.

Deploy Anywhere

Move DDI management closer to compute workloads and across physical or hybrid environments.

Highly Available

Built-in redundant resources and flexible failover options allow services to keep running even when things go wrong.

Whether you need to centralize control of core DDI services, accelerate application performance, deliver networking for branch offices, or to integrate with hybrid and multi-cloud environments, we have you covered.


BlueCat feature-rich Recursive and Authoritative DNS solutions can be deployed for any environment delivering a responsive and reliable network that manages unwanted traffic, rapidly enables core services, and speeds application performance and availability.


Our Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) solution offers built-in security, high availability, a scalable architecture, and dual-stack support. We help you make the most of limited IPv4 space and manage dual-stacked IPv4 and IPv6 environments.


Our IP Address Management (IPAM) offering provides an authoritative source of intelligence and insight into the relationship between the devices, users, and IP addresses on your network, using built-in IP modeling tools and network templates for simplified management.

Full-Featured APIs

BlueCat enables an automated environment through a robust library of APIs that facilitate continuous updates, improve threat detection, and policy enforcement by providing instant access for users and applications. Our API-first approach works with any environment and optimizes existing IT investments.

High Availability

Our solutions deliver highly available DDI services across the enterprise, with the flexibility to deploy in high-throughput, centralized architectures, or fully distributed environments. DNS and DHCP failover ensure that IPv4 and IPv6 retain the highest standards of service uptime.

Threat Protection

BlueCat threat protection integrated security intelligence helps cybersecurity teams rapidly identify and stop threats before they can reach business-critical applications or data. Your DNS data is enriched with crowdsourced data and backed by an elite group of threat analysts and security researchers.

Get DDI control, management, and visibility at your fingertips

Buy DDI on your terms

Your DDI system is a significant investment — an investment that should be flexible enough to stand the test of time.

BlueCat’s pricing model puts you, the buyer, in control, providing straightforward options that fit your budget without sacrificing functionality.

Upgrade without breaking the bank

Our simple, easy-to-understand pricing delivers the full range of capabilities you need in a single package.

Enjoy predictable pricing

We don’t tie you to frequent box refresh cycles. And we’re happy to find the mix of capital and operational expenditures that meets your needs.

Don’t get nickled and dimed

BlueCat products include all the features you expect from a DDI provider. We don’t upcharge for basic capabilities.