BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

With BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft, get visibility into Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers by relaying information back to your BlueCat Address Manager server.

What is it?

BlueCat’s Overlay for Microsoft gives DDI administrators visibility into Microsoft Active Directory by importing DNS records, updates, DHCP transactions, and network data into BlueCat’s DNS Integrity platform.

The challenge

To migrate into a purpose-built enterprise DDI platform, network teams need visibility into multiple non-Microsoft and Microsoft DNS/DHCP systems. Without visibility into IP assignment across the enterprise, DNS silos emerge to create application downtime risks. That means hard subsystem dependencies on Microsoft services go unmanaged, increasing the risk of service disruption and making migration difficult.

Centralized Visibility

Get a single source of truth from all domains

No Service Disruption

Continue to leverage MS DNS/DHCP for dependent environments as you migrate to BlueCat

Scalability & Performance

Unify tools, data, and teams


  • DHCP Import – ingest networks, DHCP ranges, options, and IP information.
  • DNS Import – ingest Zones, resource records, and server roles.
  • API-first approach – easy-to-use RESTful API to fully automate configuration and continuous updates.
  • Customizable – users can pick what visibility is needed from Microsoft Servers, DNS zones or DHCP networks.

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