Adaptive Failover Package

With BlueCat’s Failover Package, get the flexibility to manually control or automate DNS server failover when an outage is detected.

What is it?

BlueCat Adaptive Failover Package provides network teams manual and automated control over Address Manager and DNS server failover and detection. The service allows for monitoring and healing of BlueCat BDDS appliances by deploying configuration to a docker container service. In the event of an outage, managed failover and replication of a secondary DNS server or Address Manager ensures high availability.

The challenge 

To ensure the operational performance of business-critical services and applications, network teams need an automated and highly available DDI platform. Without the choice to automate the failover of a primary DNS server or IPAM during an outage, business disruption occurs when queries expire.

Highly Available

Seamless DNS and BAM failover without business disruption

Real-time Detection

Continuous monitoring to detect DNS outages

Smart Healing

Prevent outages with DNS server auto-healing

Complete Control

Failover how and when you want it

Configuration Guide

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