BlueCat ServiceNow CMDB Plugin

The ServiceNow CMDB enhances configuration management real-time visibility into BlueCat assets, improving ticketing automation and analysis.

What is it?

The ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Adaptive Plugin enables enterprises to synchronize their network and device assets from BlueCat Address Manager into a common configuration management system.

The challenge

To improve ticket automation and analysis, network teams need to streamline configuration management data across systems and tools. Without an efficient way to ensure device and network data is always updated and available in ServiceNow, productivity losses occur across systems and tools. That means limited options for automated ticket fulfillment and visibility gaps into all metadata for devices.

Centralized Management

Eliminate variability gaps across systems

More Visibility

Gain more context into devices and networks

Improved Compliance

Ensure a configuration management paper trail

Incident Management

Improve time-to-investigate incident tickets



  • Inventory
  • Create/update/delete from CMDB


  • Inventory
  • Create/update/delete from CMDB

BlueCat DNS/DHCP servers:

  • Inventory

Admin configuration:

  • Import/sync
  • Create/update/delete from CMDB each configurable on device type and network for granular control
  • Mapping of device types configurable
  • Declaration of CIDR boundaries for network import

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