Ansible Module

With the BlueCat Ansible Module, extend the functionality of your Ansible playbooks to include automation of tasks within the BlueCat platform.

What is it?

The Ansible BlueCat Module extends Ansible automation playbooks to include critical components like DNS. By adding the module in any playbook that automates provisioning of resources, IPAM/DNS/DHCP actions get automatically written into BlueCat Address Manager. Integration of the module ensures resources are never without DNS and are accessible the moment they are stood-up.

The challenge 

To keep pace with network demand and business transformation, network teams need to make networks dynamic and more scalable. Without end-to-end automation for deploying networks, applying options, or provisioning an IP address, hosts, and/or firewalls, accuracy and consistency risks increase.

Fast Access

Enable end-to-end automation for provisioning

End-To-End Automation

Easily automate DDI actions to IPAM

Consistent Configuration

Gain confidence when moving at speed

Key features

  • Playbooks for DNS management
  • Create Alias
  • Query BlueCat DNS using a python library
  • List of inventory hosts matching a host pattern
  • Create external host
  • Delete external host
  • Get zone
  • Get zones
  • Update host
  • Create DNS Zone
  • Add host
  • Delete host
  • Get host
  • Playbooks for IP space management
  • Create and configure an IPv4 network
  • Return the next available IP address for a network
  • Reserve IP Address
  • Get block
  • Get blocks
  • Get network
  • Get networks

Configuration Guide

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