BlueCat Quick Service

BlueCat Quick Service provides a self-service UI that adapts to user roles, reducing manual errors and boosting service levels for host and subnet changes.

What is it?

BlueCat Quick Service provides a minimalist user interface (UI) to make manual and complex, repeatable tasks easy to execute. Admins can customize how users view, delete, add, or change host records, zones, aliases, and IP addresses, reducing errors and time to complete tasks. Quick Service makes specific actions visible to users based on their assigned user permissions. Once in Quick Service, users can complete tasks with minimal scrolling and no intricate dropdown menus reserved for more advanced BlueCat Address Manager users.

The challenge

To accommodate varying degrees of expertise across expanding network teams, admins need customizable self-service tools that adapt to user roles. Without more flexibility to hide options or require actions based on a user’s role, users with less advanced DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (together known as DDI) skills can bottleneck network service-level agreements. The result can be increased errors or time to remediate subnet or host changes, such as deleting, adding, or changing CNAME records, zones, or IP addresses.

Secure management

Maintain access compliance by efficiently assigning workflow permissions based on groups defined in the application.

Consistent deployment

Provide more rigor around network changes to avoid errors and enforce business rules when making host and subnet changes.

More resources

Beat SLA by improving network change core competencies of all team members, regardless of user role.

Faster implementation

Get pre-built templates designed to provide contextual data and actions that can be assigned to user roles quickly.


  • Context searching
  • Define a set of zones to select from when creating a record
  • Set location and name on networks
  • User indication if an IP address has already been assigned
  • Name and zone validation when creating a record