DDI Reporting Package

With the BlueCat Reports Package, eliminate manual data wrangling and glean data-driven, actionable insights from industry-standard network reports.

What is it?

The BlueCat DDI Data Reporting Package generates the most popular network reports used by today’s most advanced network teams. BlueCat administrative users can glean actionable insights by reporting on an array of KPIs such as DHCP utilization, user permissions, and patch levels to identify configuration drift.

The challenge 

To fully utilize a purpose-built DDI platform, network teams must maintain a high degree of investigative and reporting rigor. Without auditing and utilization reports, administrators are slow to react to performance risks that impact the business. 

Enhance Performance

Make data-driven network optimizations through actionable insights

Improve Communication

Create shared value with insights across IT teams

Key features

  • BlueCat Appliance Model Report – Shows list of BlueCat servers in BAM with their respective server name, models/profiles and IP addresses
  • DHCP Utilization Report – Shows the number and percentage of DHCP addresses in use by the network
  • Multiple Default Gateway Detection Report – Finds networks which will cause issues during startup for Windows DHCP clients due to multiple gateways defined
  • NTP Stratum and Offset Report – Shows NTP stats (peer, offset, stratum, jitter, delay) for BlueCat servers
  • Patch Report – Shows patches applied on BlueCat servers
  • Servers by Firmware Version – Shows BIOS, iDRAC, and Fibre NIC firmware versions as well as DNS/DHCP services
  • Subnet Report – Shows subnet region, ID, name, subnet and subnet mask when searching by IP or network name.
  • User Login Report – Shows user sessions in BAM (username, timestamps of login/logout, session state, IP, and authenticator used)
  • Version Report – Shows current running BlueCat software version for all servers

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