Get visibility into OpenStack managed networks in BlueCat Address Manager and seamlessly automate DNS provisioning of new compute instances.

What is it?

The OpenStack Adaptive plug-in provides visibility into all OpenStack provisioned compute to support updates for DNS name resolution across the enterprise. This is achieved through an applied module for OpenStack that syncs host and IP changes to the BlueCat Address Manager to update DNS servers.

The challenge 

To manage complex enterprises, network teams require continuous visibility of resources through a single pane of glass. Without OpenStack integrated into the broader enterprise, delays such as a lack of DNS resolution slows down access to resources for business applications and services.

Centralized Visibility

Get a single source of truth to all enterprise compute

Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

Access compute the moment it’s provisioned

Seamless Integration

No-fuss configuration and integration with BlueCat

Key features

  • Create IP address(es) on provision – IP information is synchronized to Address Manager, when compute is provisioned and a IP address assigned.
  • Create DNS record(s) on provision, selective deploy DNS record(s) – When compute is decommissioned with an IP, that IP information is removed from Address Manger
  • Deallocate/Delete associated IP(s) on decommission – DNS information is synchronized to Address Manager and deployed, when compute is provisioned with a DNS record.
  • Delete associated DNS entries on decommission – DNS information is removed from Address Manager, when compute is decommissioned with a DNS record.
  • Create/Delete Networks on creation – When a network is created/deleted in openstack, that same network is created/deleted in Address Manager

Configuration Guide

Get access to all Adaptive Plugins with the BlueCat Gateway Support Program