Are you drowning in network complexity?

Today’s network teams are left to contend with chaos. If you’re a network executive, you want your teams focused on the future, not basic network services like DNS. But if you’re a network admin, you’re constantly pulled in different directions trying to focus on leadership’s strategic initiatives while also handling the day-to-day tasks and configurations that keep the lights on. And unfortunately, time is one resource that doesn’t scale.

Network Rising

Key Findings

BlueCat and IDG (International Data Group) surveyed hundreds of network administrators, managers and directors about this compounding network complexity, and the foundational role that your Domain Name System (DNS) plays in building an adaptive network. Here’s what we found: the gap between what the network team can deliver and what end-users need continues to widen.

  • IT admins are spending too much time on DNS: almost 1/3 of administrator time is spent on DNS-related tickets, and only 26% on strategic initiatives
  • IT executives see that DNS is distracting their teams from the strategic initiatives: 56% of IT managers said that their network teams were “overwhelmed” with DNS tickets and service requests

If your DNS isn’t enabling your strategic initiatives, it’s just another roadblock.

There’s a better way.

Get a back-end DNS that supports all your business initiatives.

Step 1: Centralize

Step 2: Automate

Step 3: Leverage