Intelligent Forwarding

BlueCat’s intelligent DNS simplifies DNS management across environments, reduces complexity, and avoids costly errors.


Architecting the path of DNS traffic can take some interesting turns. Supporting remote workers, controlling apps and resources with things like regional access, or Internet breakout with organizations using cloud infrastructures like Office365, Dropbox or Salesforce.

To find these services, their location is found in DNS. And sometimes they’re forced to be in duplicate locations. Unlike your existing DNS, Edge eliminates the need for name records to reside in multiple authoritative DNSes or rely on complex forwarding. Edge can also direct commonly used services directly to the internet.

Simply add up to 3 namespaces and set conditions to direct queries. If one answer isn’t retrieved, Edge sends the query to the next namespace in the priority order. DNS Edge introduces unique control of your DNS resolution path to simplify management, reduce complexity and avoid costly errors.