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Service Points for Secure, Automated, Resilient Networks

Remember when brick and mortar banks were the only option? It was pretty inconvenient. Now ATMs provide access to services everywhere at a fraction of the cost.

So why hasn’t your network evolved this way.

Your network supports a greater number of devices, applications, users and environments than ever before. Driven by adoption of cloud, more and more services in computer moving from the network core to the edge. All of this is great for users. They get what they want faster.

It’s not so great for network admins, who suddenly have limited visibility and control. What if you could give users a capabilities they need, the way they want them and get the full visibility and control you require?

You can with BlueCat Adaptive DNS.

Say hello to the service point. A lightweight way to deliver DNS services through software managed in the cloud. Service points are BlueCat’s answer to the rigid outdated boxes used by other DNS providers. You deploy service points anywhere. they’re managed, automatically upgraded and monitored from the cloud with zero operational overhead. Service points to sit at the first top of any network query, providing faster the deployment and real-time service delivery.

From that first hop, BlueCat service points provide data and capability that traditional DNS boxes don’t. So you can have full visibility into every DNS query on the network and trace those queries back to a source IP. You can apply security policies to both internal and external traffic, blocking insider threats and lateral movements from threats, like malware. Whether through internal traffic steering or direct internet access, users get to the services they need quickly and effectively.

With service points, your DNS tells you everything that’s happening on the network, giving you the power to act quickly and effectively. A DNS that runs on BlueCat service points is secure, primed for rapid change and flexible enough to meet the evolving needs that old school DNS simply can’t support.

Stop asking yourself what if my network could do this and just do it with BlueCat.