Centralized, automated, and secure DDI

(DNS, DHCP, and IP address management)

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Why do you need Unified DDI?

Your network needs are changing faster than siloed DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (together known as DDI) solutions can support.

Disparate tools were fine for the network needs you had. But they can’t provide the automation, security, and transparency for the business you’re becoming.

For that, you need Unified DDI.

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Unified DDI unlocks network modernization

Your business needs a network that can support strategic initiatives like multicloud management, SASE, SD-WAN, remote work, and beyond.

That means you need core services optimized for collaboration between every team that touches the network—across NetOps, security, cloud, application development, and others.

We provide DDI solutions that help your teams manage, secure, and build on your network faster and more effectively together.

DDI solutions for any degree of network complexity

Unified DDI consolidates, automates, and streamlines the core services that connect devices, applications, and people around your network—on premises and across any cloud.

Unified DDI comes in two flavors depending on what you need:

For the enterprise

An integrated and extensible platform built on dedicated appliances for large, complex, and mission-critical environments

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For mid-market

A software overlay that acts as mission control for your DDI services (either your existing tools or via BlueCat appliances)

Learn about DDI for the mid-market

Integrity: DDI management on dedicated appliances for the enterprise

Bluecat Integrity is an integrated and extensible DDI platform that helps you automatically manage, provision, secure, and visualize your network—across any data center, cloud, or branch location.

Integrity is comprised of BlueCat Address Manager and BlueCat DNS and DHCP Servers. It integrates seamlessly with third-party systems or applications (via open, well-documented, and vendor-agnostic RESTful APIs) to support powerful end-to-end network automation.

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Micetro: Software overlay or appliance-based DDI orchestration

Micetro is a software overlay that simplifies and automates the management of your existing DDI solutions. It brings all the control, visibility, and automation of DDI to the network management solutions you’re already using. Or, if you prefer, we can provide it on hardened BlueCat appliances.

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Unified DDI that meets you where you are

Use Unified DDI to…

See everything

Streamline control and security of your entire DNS, DHCP, and IP environment from a centralized UI—across data centers, branches, and clouds

Create network agility

Use powerful automation to eradicate manual tasks and ensure your network can adapt to new business requirements

Embrace multicloud

Get a single source of truth and optimize DNS resolution across every data center and cloud

Build faster

Empower cloud and DevOps teams to provision and de-provision network resources to build, deploy, and scale new apps and services

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