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When you are in charge of mission critical infrastructure it takes a lot to trust a vendor to meet your expectations.

Our goal is to not only meet but EXCEED them as well. This goes beyond our product.

That is why we created a special program to ensure we continue to make our best customers successful – BlueCat VIP.

What is BlueCat VIP?

An exclusive program to take our partnership to the next level. It connects an exclusive team of customers to a dedicated team of BlueCats to help them personally grow with BlueCat and achieve success together.

What are the benefits?

Here are a few things VIPs get access to…

Training Credits

Earn Education and training credits on us to maximize the success of your BlueCat solutions.

Exclusive Discounts
& Merchandise

Redeem discounts on Technical Support, Professional Services, one on one with BlueCat experts or receive apparel, gadgets and BlueCat merchandise!

Beta Testing

Become one of the first BlueCat customers to test and discover solutions before they hit the market.

Be an Industry Thought Leader

Build your own personal and professional brand by publishing your opinions on industry news and trends.

Build Your Network

Connect with forward thinking IT professionals. Share best practices, insights and see where your new peers will take you.

Team Kudos

Get your team recognized for their contributions to your organization and the industry. We will help you develop a case and bring it to life. No need to lift a finger.

What role will you fill in our growing community?​

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to be a BlueCat…

Beta Tester

Give us a piece of your mind. We build products for you and that is why your word is currency in the investment to BlueCat products.

Community Leader

Connect with other BlueCat customers in meaningful ways. We’re not asking you to be our support team but rather spark ideas among other BlueCat users.


Birds of a feather flock together, that’s why we need smart people like you to connect with influencers in the press, analysts and media outlets.


Batman responds to the bat signal, we need a customer hero to respond to our call when a prospective customer needs to hear from a peer about BlueCat.


Your voice is the loudest one in the industry. Whether it’s through a webinar or a dinner event we need you to inspire others.

Thought Leader

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that the industry would benefit from. Let us help you share it in a blog post or ebook.

How it works:

Step 1

Sign up

Sign up and join! We’ll be in touch to discuss the best opportunities for you.

Step 2

Sync up

We will sync up to see how things are coming along and fill each other in on the progress.

Step 3

Get recognized and rewarded

For every mission you complete, we get you the recognition and rewards you deserve.

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