BlueCat is the Adaptive DNS company. The company’s mission is to help organizations deliver reliable and secure network access from any location and any network environment. To do this, BlueCat re-imagined DNS. The result – Adaptive DNS – is a dynamic, open, secure, scalable, and automated DDI management platform that supports the most challenging digital transformation initiatives, like adoption of hybrid cloud and rapid application development.

    BlueCat Migration services

    BlueCat migration services help you methodically move DNS networks and workloads, mitigating risk to your data and core business functions.

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    BlueCat Edge for networking

    BlueCat Edge provides complete visibility and control at the first hop of any DNS query, allowing for smarter policies and optimized traffic.

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    BlueCat Edge-enabled migrations

    With BlueCat Edge, simplify migrations from legacy systems using intelligent forwarding and Adaptive Plugins while reducing downtime risk.

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    BlueCat Edge for security

    BlueCat Edge allows security teams to leverage the DNS data that it captures for another layer of security intelligence and protection.

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