Growing Our Network (The Other Kind) – Networking Field Day 19


November 5, 2018

Block your calendars for 10 am PST/1 pm EST on November 7th as our team of experts will dissect the future of DNS (hint: it’s all about the enterprise) at length with these forward thinkers*.

If you have an internet-enabled device, a pair of headphones, and an interest to hear what’s new in Networking, you’re all set to follow Networking Field Day, scheduled to be broadcast live right here.


Tom Hollingsworth (@networkingnerd)

Self-proclaimed Networking Nerd (no, really) and maestro to the Tech Field Day event family, Tom has been building up the networking community’s ever-expanding knowledge set for the last… Let’s just say ‘while.’ If he’s not writing about networking, he’s doing the other kind of networking (Get it?) to keep Tech Field Day fun and fresh. And he’s an Assistant Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America.


Ken Nalbone (@KenNalbone)

As Tech Field Day’s newest crew member, Ken is the mind behind FullStackKengineer along with a number of certifications. When he isn’t writing, or working on TFD events, or making podcast appearances, Ken runs the VMWare User Group in Indiana. Colts, anyone?



Ethan Banks (@ECBanks)

Ethan has helped some of the world’s largest enterprises with their network architecture; now he uses the PacketPushers platform as a way to teach people around the world about network and infrastructure engineering. Ethan also empowers tech professionals to take control of their careers. What most people don’t know about him is… Well, we’ll get back to you on that after the event, actually.

Ryan Adzima (@RAdzima)

A wireless engineer who worked everywhere from education to entertainment, Ryan is the TechVangelist behind this honest Twitter page. He regularly posts helpful advice for wireless engineers, and network engineers more broadly; plus, he knows how to make an awesome Infinity Gauntlet.


Rob Coote (@Rob_Coote)

Fellow Canadian and hockey fan Rob Coote is the man behind NetworkCanuck, and a dream to be on MasterChef (for the specific purpose of being on the receiving end of a signature Gordon Ramsay ‘yelling’).



Phil Gervasi (@Network_Phil)

This English teacher-turned-network engineer goes by the name NetworkPhil, and splits his time between working for a large VAR, sharing network and life advice on his blog, and his family. Wondering what his most-recommended book is at the moment? We’ll report back.



Pete Welcher (@pjwelcher)

Pete has ‘committed’ (his word, not ours!) a lot of networking and datacenter work with NetCraftsmen, and occasionally does some critical thinking (again, his expression), usually resulting in a blog. What most people don’t know about him is that he started out teaching as a PhD in Math, looked hard at AI in its heyday, and has coded in Basic, Fortran, C, C++, Prolog, LISP, ADA, among others.


Orhan Ergun (@OrhanErgunCCDE)

A network architect with over a decade-long track record, Orhan knows how to set up a sophisticated network. Through his publishings and training sessions, he shares his knowledge with others too! We also suspect he’s a UFC fan, but we’ll need to check on that before confirming.


Nicolas Michel (@vPackets)

Nicolas est un architecte de réseau français qui…. Now lives in Texas, and uses his French Air Force background to inform his work, execute on NATO projects, and run the vPackets blog. When he’s not doing any of those things, he manages an NGO that supports children with autism and graciously fields wine/baguette/cheese jokes.


Nicola Modena (@NModena)

Nicola has spent the past two decades in networking, with a particular passion for the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up-version of network architecture and operation. Safe to say, he has an eye for removing unnecessary complexity wherever he can, in addition to meaningfully supporting networks like NFD’s, and IPSpace’s ExpertExpress team.



Jed Casey (@Wax_Trax)

Jed works in healthcare networking, and runs the NeckerCube blog in his off-time. There he writes about how best to learn, the process of certification, and other networking-related topics. Also, we suspect he’s a Seinfeld fan and are excited to fact-check that.



Kevin Blackburn (@TheRoutingTable)

Kevin is a senior network engineer who always wanted to work in healthcare–and made it happen. Now he shares his experiences and ‘lessons learned’ on TheRoutingTable, a blog that documents how to deal with the trials and tribulations of CCIE certification, and how to make an administrator’s life more seamless. Kevin’s favourite place to destress between all that is DisneyWorld (a spot we all wish we could visit more).

Marina Leite Ferreira (@_MarinaLF)

As a Solutions Architect, Marina has a knack for synthesizing impressive amounts of information into strategies that support network programmability and functionality. Currently in ‘reader-only’ mode, she’s doing what she does best right now.


Al Rasheed (@Al_Rasheed)

As a systems administrator, Al has worked with both higher education and defence organizations. When not writing advice for readers of his blog, golfing, or spending time with his family, Al co-hosts the DC VMWare User Group. If he could give the network community one piece of advice, it would be: don’t forget the end user.


Ben Gage (@BenTGage)

Ben’s specialty is managing the connective tissue of real-life, human networks, like that of Tech Field Day. And he can play some sweet music when his head isn’t in tech–something we only wish we could do.

*This pun was absolutely inspired by Rob’s blog.

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