BlueCat takes DNS training to the next level

DNS training is a key part of any core infrastructure transformation. BlueCat has a training model that gives your team all the skills they need.

Skilled DNS administrators are increasingly hard to find.  As the IT field continues to gravitate toward application development and cloud computing, experience in the relatively unsexy field of network infrastructure is starting to fade.

That skills gap is putting large enterprises in a bind.  (Or in a BIND.  We’ll be here all week.)  Since most candidates for technical positions lack detailed knowledge of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI), IT teams often have to go elsewhere to get the technical abilities they need to properly administer a network.

That’s why BlueCat is committed to DNS training as a core piece of our services offering.  We know that there’s a great deal of value in core infrastructure management, both for network administrators looking to gain marketable skills and for IT teams looking to fill a knowledge gap.  Many BlueCat customers invest in training even if they feel they know DDI inside and out – they want to refresh their skills and ensure that everyone on the team has the same knowledge foundation.

The way people consume training is also starting to change.  The days of in-person, instructor-led sessions or stale, hours-long e-learning courses are quickly fading away.  In their place, people are binging on smaller, “snackable” courses which focus on specific issues.  They want to learn about DHCP in the same way they plow through Game of Thrones.  While many will follow a pre-set learning pathway, they want the freedom to skip around.

That’s why we’ve launched a new BlueCat Customer Learning Portal and instituted some exciting changes to our education program.

New User Experience

Our online learning portal has been completely overhauled, with a brand new back-end system that allows you to find the content you need, when you need it.

DNS involves a lot of very detailed, weedy topic areas.  That’s why our content has been broken into individual bite-sized courses and tagged for easy searchability.  For those looking to build a comprehensive understanding of our technologies or follow a more structured framework, our courses are also organized into curated learning paths.

BlueCat’s training courses are compatible with all device types, giving you the flexibility to learn when you’re at your desk, on the go, or at home.  We use multiple learning styles to keep things interesting and promote engagement with the material.  There are product demos, instructional “how-to” videos, and hands-on simulations of BlueCat products.

All-Access Learning Pass

Instead of segregating our content in individually purchased courses, all BlueCat Learning –  from A record to Zone transfer – is now packaged together and included in a single annual learning subscription.

If you just need training for one or two people, you can go with a seat license model.  We’ve also added a new option that extends the “buffet model” for training resources across the entire organization.  Now you can buy unlimited training for your whole organization, no matter how many people it has.  This enterprise option also allows training managers to track progress through our standard learning paths, see where users start and stop courses, and run other metrics tracking.

Online eCommerce Portal

To make it easier than ever before to access BlueCats Learning, you now have the option of purchasing your annual subscription directly from If you prefer to use the more traditional purchase order method, or if you are interested in either a site license or an instructor-led engagement, contact your Account Executive to take advantage of our limited time launch discount of 30% off until March 31st 2020!

Learn more about BlueCat’s DNS training.

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