BlueCat is part of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program

Last updated on May 12, 2022.

BlueCat’s Adaptive DNS solutions have long been related to the AWS public sector customer, giving them the ability to secure their DNS infrastructure in the cloud, and cloud migrations.

Earlier this year, BlueCat’s Intelligent Networking product became the only DNS management platform available in both the AWS GovCloud region and the AWS GovCloud Marketplace.

BlueCat’s Intelligent Networking offers government, education and nonprofit customers a seamless, fully certified solution which can be deployed to manage network infrastructure across on-prem and cloud. As Department of Defense agencies prepare for the advent of JEDI later this year, BlueCat’s DNS solutions offer an ideal way to prepare the groundwork for rapid, seamless cloud migrations.

Intelligent Security, BlueCat’s powerful DNS security platform, was built on Amazon Web Services and uses its strong feature set to deliver complete control throughout the cloud technologies. With its AWS-based analytics engine, Intelligent Security’s SaaS model is flexible, cost effective and easily deployable to the full range of federal government customers.

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Intelligent Security is already on the AWS East/West cloud infrastructure, allowing it to leverage the FedRAMP and US-based support structure required by many Federal agencies for any tool deployed in the cloud. As BlueCat continues its own FedRAMP journey, public sector agencies will soon be able to leverage this authority to operate.

BlueCat’s partner solutions with AWS extends beyond the unclassified realm. We even have the authority to operate on AWS’s secret and top secret environments.This offers solutions to the full range of the DOD intelligence community operating in closed networks that would otherwise be left in the wind.

More government agencies than ever before are beginning to realize the power of AWS cloud services. With the need to manage these cloud based assets, BlueCat gives the ability to control and monitor your cloud environment through a single pane of glass. We thrive on the complexity, and remove blocks of conditional forwarders that would otherwise control your network. With new technologies, BlueCat makes cloud computing, migration and management of cloud assets simple and automatic.

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