BlueCat Becomes Move The Dial Corporate Partner

Last updated on April 29, 2021.

I could start this post by telling you how many of us at BlueCat are women, or how many of BlueCat’s leaders are women.

That would be missing the point.

What matters is that every one of us – no matter what gender – feels like we are trusted and valued in our teams, and like we have access to real opportunities and fair compensation.

Despite BlueCat’s many workplace awards – for our leadership in mental health, workplace culture, and even for our support of our women at work – we aren’t anywhere near done pursuing this goal.

One (More) Small Step Towards Gender Equality at Work

Here’s the news: BlueCat recently signed on as a corporate partner with Move The Dial. For those who don’t know it, Move The Dial’s goal is to empower women in (and into) leadership positions in the tech industry. 

Through this partnership, we hope to give our employees the opportunity and platform to speak more meaningfully about gender equality. We hope to give them a network of like-minded peers to be inspired by, and to lean on when they’re unsure what to do.

Here’s How You Can Support Move The Dial

Recently, Move The Dial launched a podcast called Dial Moving. It brings together strong people who share how they’ve worked through their career challenges and triumphs, related to gender equality.

Even better: two of our very own at BlueCat women were featured on Episode 2. Both our VP of Customer Success, Petrisa Pecnik, and our Marketing Sales Development Representative, Mythri Murthy, unpacked the role that female mentorship had in their careers, especially when it came to taking some risks.

Take a listen. Pocket some knowledge. Put yourself in their shoes, if only for a minute. Then take that enriched awareness with you. 

Lean on it in moments where you feel you can make a difference (hint: there are many of those). Those are the baby steps that compound to make a world of difference. 

And if you feel like it, share the podcast around.

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