BlueCat’s Adaptive DNS Platform Helps IT Teams Extend, Secure, and Automate Hybrid Networks

The platform enables a new approach to tackling complexity at the network edge, driven by cloud, DevOps, and security demands. TORONTO, ON–June…

The platform enables a new approach to tackling complexity at the network edge, driven by cloud, DevOps, and security demands.

TORONTO, ON–June 5–BlueCat, the leader in Adaptive DNS, today announced enhancements to its market-leading DNS platform. These new capabilities utilize intelligent networking, automation, and security innovations to dynamically scale, efficiently self-configure, and rapidly respond to threats. DNS, the neglected foundation of today’s complex network fabric, is getting smarter, more agile, and more responsive to help network teams quickly adapt to new challenges.  

BlueCat Adaptive DNS helps enterprise network teams in the following ways:

  • Provides visibility and insight into the state of users, devices and applications anywhere – across hybrid environments, from the network edge to the core.
  • Operates at machine speed to implement smart policies, automate resource provisioning, remediate threats, and analyze data.
  • Provides an intelligent control plane to protect sensitive data, stop threats, and enable the secure extension of hybrid IT.

“Enterprise IT teams are wrestling with compounding complexity introduced by cloud, rapid application development, containerization, orchestration, and a myriad of other innovations. In this environment, old-school DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM) just doesn’t cut it,” said Michael Harris, CEO of BlueCat. “CIOs need insight on how to use rich, contextual DNS data to make intelligent routing, performance and security decisions at the network edge where the action is. That’s what Adaptive DNS delivers.”

BlueCat will be demonstrating the latest Adaptive DNS at Cisco Live from June 10-13, 2019, including:

Integration with Cisco DNA:

BlueCat’s integration with Cisco DNA makes it easier and faster to deploy new networks in Cisco DNA by providing centralized IPAM automation and management via BlueCat. Cisco DNA global address pools and sub-pools are synchronized between Cisco DNA Center and BlueCat, enabling customers to automate and validate IP subnet provisioning within Cisco DNA Center through its single pane of glass.

Integration with ServiceNow:

BlueCat’s integration with ServiceNow enables network and security teams to collaborate and resolve networking requests and security incidents faster.

Enhanced Automation and Community-powered Workflows

Furthermore, Bluecat continues to expand the number of community-powered workflows available on Github, in response to customer demand for increased automation and integration capabilities. In addition to the Cisco DNA integration, workflows that support Ansible, Anycast, and a variety of common network provisioning tasks are available for rapid download and deployment using the BlueCat intelligent automation solutions.


About BlueCat

DNS is the foundation of increasingly complex enterprise networks. But if it isn’t designed for change, the entire business is fragile. Think outages. Downtime. Data loss. BlueCat helps enterprise network teams thrive on complexity with Adaptive DNS. Adaptive DNS is powered from the network edge to core, scaling to meet escalating demands by users, applications and services. It’s open and automated, able to rapidly enforce policies, manage security, analyze data and remediate threats.

Thrive on complexity from edge to core with BlueCat Adaptive DNS™. For more information, please visit


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Jim Williams
Vice President of Marketing


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