The war in Ukraine: A message from CEO Stephen Devito

BlueCat has discontinued the export of our products and services, as well as support, for all customers owned and operated in Russia or Belarus.

Last updated on March 25, 2022.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked outrage, internationally and among all of us here at BlueCat. Each day, we are witnessing lives upended, refugees fleeing their homes and families torn apart. I can’t wrap my head around how needless this invasion and resulting war feels. It is unimaginable the horrors so many Ukrainians must be dealing with as their country is attacked and critical infrastructure is destroyed, including hospitals, airports, schools and homes. My heart goes out to everyone who has family, friends or loved ones suffering during this needless conflict.

BlueCat has been monitoring, and fully supports, the swift and severe sanctions that have been taken directly against Russia from those nations that strongly oppose the Russian invasion, including from the United States, and the Bureau of Industry and Security. Accordingly, BlueCat has discontinued the export of all BlueCat products, services, and support to existing products and services for all customers owned and operated in either Russia or Belarus, for the foreseeable future.

BlueCat has donated to the Canadian Red Cross and its Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. Like so many of you, our hope is for this conflict to end with real and lasting peace. 

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