BlueCat launches Integrity 9.3 with improved DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) capabilities to enable business transformation and enterprise cloud adoption

BlueCat Integrity 9.3 provides customers with greater observability, comprehensive automation, and accelerates cloud adoption while enhancing overall system performance.

TORONTO, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BlueCat, the Adaptive DNS Company™, today announced the latest release of its flagship product, BlueCat Integrity. Integrity 9.3, which allows enterprises to better manage their DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI), now includes new functionality that allows customers to better leverage these critical services to optimize their increasingly complex networks, more quickly adopt automation and deliver on hybrid cloud initiatives.

“We continue to provide our global customers, who rely on DNS as a critical service, the ability to support network resilience, cybersecurity, and automation requirements, as well as the ability to better meet their current goals around cloud adoption and business transformation,” said Martin McNealis, BlueCat’s Chief Product Officer.

BlueCat’s Integrity 9.3 release enables the enterprise to:

  • Better manage complex networks.Two thirds (66%) of network teams struggle to support strategic business initiatives using decentralized, legacy DNS infrastructures. Network complexity is compounded by private and overlapping address space, distributed deployment environments, M&A activity, and more. Using Integrity 9.3, customers can now centrally document and navigate these complex relationships across their cloud, on-prem and virtualized networks.
  • Ramp up automation.More than half (56%) of IT managers admit their teams are overwhelmed by DNS tickets and service requests, stalling innovation across the organization. BlueCat customers can now use Integrity 9.3 to ramp up their automation efforts and provision at scale that ensures consistency and reduce human error.
  • Improve visibility and compliance.Nearly two-thirds (63%) of network teams do not have central visibility or control over their DDI audit data. This visibility gap introduces security risks and data compliance challenges. With Integrity 9.3, customers gain even more control with improvements in capturing, maintaining, and exporting system and DNS data. Not only can Integrity 9.3 customers capture both query and response for all DNS resolution, the system level data can all be tracked as well. This data can be integrated with an external security instance and event management platform (SIEM) or data lake, enabling compliance with all audit and retention policies.

“With the incredible pace of innovation in our networking environment today, Integrity 9.3’s tracking of overlapping space gives us the visibility and control we need to meet our ever-more demanding SLAs,” said a BlueCat customer, who manages IT at a medical services provider. Another BlueCat customer, a global telecommunications company, praised the release, saying, “in our dynamic network today, we need the ability to zero-touch provision new services anywhere. Integrity 9.3 provides us the capability to do so with the core tools we use today.”

For a complete list of new features included in the Integrity 9.3 release, please visit this information page.

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