Dive into our comprehensive library of DNS resources to learn more about our products, our customers and developments in our industry.

Hybrid Cloud & Intelligent Forwarding

Learn how to provision multiple resolution paths across a hybrid cloud environment to simplify DNS operations and improve network performance.

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    How to configure DHCP failover

    In this demo, learn how to configure the DCHP failover protocol for BAM and BDDS, pairing DCHP servers to provide redundancy and load balancing.

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    How to configure crossover high availability (xHA)

    In this demo, learn how to configure a crossover high availability (xHA) pair in BlueCat Integrity for disaster recovery through redundant servers.

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    Address Manager Role-Based Access Control

    In this demo, you will see how BlueCat’s Address Manager permits the admin to control who can change the environment. Admins will ensure that only cretin…

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    Simply configure BAM DNS and DHCP

    Learn how to configure DNS & DHCP (view, zone, record, DNS options, block, network, DHCP options) & UI options (Table View/Tree View).

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    Setup Metrics & Reports in Address Manager (BAM)

    Learn how to configure SNMP on BDDS servers to generate reports like network and block utilization in different formats.

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    Adding widgets to MyIPAM Dashboard

    Learn how to set up BlueCat Address Manager MyIPAM dashboard widgets for BDDS Servers.

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    Cloud Discovery & Visibility Demo

    Advanced DDI capabilities & visibility for your multi-cloud & private cloud environments

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    BlueCat DNS Training

    BlueCat offers a wide variety of DNS training options for network and security administrators

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    Cisco Umbrella + DNS Edge Product Feature Demo

    Deep dive into a user and managed device to learn how the integration between Cisco Umbrella and BlueCat’s DNS Edge enables you to detect, investigate, and…

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    The JEDI Program

    Cloud migrations don’t happen overnight. It takes an average of 18 months for Federal agencies to plan, prepare, and implement their cloud migration…

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    Fortify Your Defenses with Cisco Umbrella & BlueCat

    In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to identify threats faster through rapid correlation of external threat data with source IP.

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    Service Points for Secure, Automated, Resilient Networks

    Remember when brick and mortar banks were the only option? It was pretty inconvenient. Now ATMs provide access to services everywhere at a fraction of the…

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    DNS glossary

    Understanding DDI can be challenging.

    All that jargon. All those acronyms. It’s why we’ve written an A-Z of DNS-related terms. You’ll never mix up ‘NSD’ and ‘NTP’ at a dinner party again…

    See the glossary

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