Webinar Series: Cloud Resolver

Learn how BlueCat Cloud Resolver tames cloud DNS by simplifying zone discovery and conditional forwarding rule management to improve service delivery.

Watch Andrew Wertkin, BlueCat’s Chief Strategy Officer, illustrate the challenges of DNS resolution and namespace management in this whiteboard session.

Traditionally, admins manually create an avalanche of conditional forwarders to help private endpoints access resources. Without automated zone discovery, admins cannot keep up because manual forwarders can’t adapt to the resolution needs of private endpoints.

To solve these challenges, we introduce BlueCat Cloud Resolver to help tame the complexity of cloud native DNS and improve service delivery.

Learn how Cloud Resolver can help you:

  • discover all zones in the cloud (AWS, Azure, and GCP) with a direct path to resolution for all private endpoints;
  • automate the management of conditional forwarders wherever zone changes occur;
  • avoid resolution conflicts caused by duplicate zone names within hybrid cloud.

Cloud Resolver

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