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Network automation and integrations

How quickly can you execute the DNS and IP configuration changes needed to register new devices, stand up infrastructure, or manage permissions? Whatever the answer is, without network automation, eventually it won’t be fast enough.

Network automation is the only way to deliver the DNS and IP configuration changes your organization needs to grow without slowing users down or creating risk.

Get rid of manual tasks

Create self-service forms that automate IT requests

Standardize safe workflows

Eliminate manual errors

Accelerate innovation

Help cloud and DevOps teams build faster

Seamless, cross-system workflows

Get more value from your existing IT investments

Highly customizable functionality

To meet increasingly complex and fluid network requirements, modern DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (together known as DDI) solutions need flexibility and customization.

Standard, one-size-fits-all feature sets aren’t a good fit for the dynamic nature of networking needs.

The smart move is to use a DDI solution supported by a platform for developing and deploying modular automated workflows that:

  • Simplify repetitive DDI tasks for network teams
  • Accelerate building and deploying apps and services for cloud and DevOps teams
  • Empower end users with self-service (and zero training) access to DNS services
  • Reduce risk, minimize errors, and eliminate security threats
  • Maximize the value of existing investments by exposing DNS data to the IT stack

Integrate DDI to enhance any system or application

Everything your network touches runs on DDI.

The more fluidly you can integrate your DDI solution with the network, security, and cloud tools your enterprise runs on, the more you can replace manual network administration with powerful network automation. That means:

Network teams

can eliminate the manual grind of assigning IP addresses

Security teams

can effortlessly enforce policy-driven DNS security

Cloud and DevOps

can self-serve the DDI changes they need to build apps and services

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BlueCat Gateway is a Python-based platform that brings together all the building blocks for automating DNS operations into a simple and intuitive development environment. Gateway uses an API with a set of Python classes for integrating third-party solutions with Integrity’s BlueCat Address Manager or BlueCat DNS and DHCP Server, or with Edge.

Gateway can be deployed on a BlueCat DNS or DHCP Server appliance.

Automate cloud provisioning

Provision and deallocate cloud resources at the speed your users require—accelerating DevOps and minimizing shadow IT.

Integrate everywhere

Integrate Gateway with almost any application out-of-the-box— empowering sophisticated end-to-end automation.

Support self-service

Empower users with automated DNS workflows, accessed through a self-service portal, to make and request DNS changes (like device registration or server provisioning) automatically.

Zero-touch administration

Automate backend functions, like failover for BlueCat Address Manager, to increase resiliency while minimizing human intervention.

Adaptive Catalog

BlueCat’s Adaptive Catalog is a library of adaptive applications and plugins that integrate DDI data with a comprehensive (and growing) ecosystem of network, security, and cloud vendors.

See the Adaptive Catalog

Infrastructure deployment automation

To build and deploy apps without slowing business down, more DevOps and cloud teams are automating infrastructure deployment using Terraform.

But it can take weeks to stand up and tear down cloud infrastructure using manual DDI processes. So DevOps and cloud teams create workarounds and employ shadow IT.

The Terraform BlueCat Provider plugin automates DDI configuration management through code. With automated infrastructure deployment using Terraform and BlueCat’s plugin, network teams can safely and predictably monitor, create, change, and improve network infrastructure.

See Terraform plugin

Automated network analysis

Your network grows bigger, faster, and more complex everyday. You need automated network analysis to understand how policy events impact network performance and security metrics.

The BlueCat Splunk integration seamlessly passes relevant DNS query data to Splunk (determined by a risk detection filter) for analysis and correlation with other network service data.

Your security team can gain full-context insight into your DNS attack surface in real time, all while controlling Splunk data volume costs.

See Splunk integration

Automated provisioning

To keep from drowning in an avalanche of routine IT tasks, network teams need the tools to vet, approve, and fulfill self-service requests—for everything from device registration to automated cloud deployment.

BlueCat provides a range of adaptive plugins to help network teams quickly and automatically validate the influx of self-service tickets from IT service management tools like ServiceNow, OpenStack, and vRO.

See ServiceNow integration

Additional features

End-to-end automation

Seamlessly integrate your DNS with all your critical network applications to automatically meet continually changing DNS and IP requirements.


Automate IT service requests with built-in web forms for device registration, onboarding, configuration, permissions management, or anything else you can imagine.

Workflow management

Simplify change and workflow management by refining automated processes in an intuitive testing environment to get them production-ready before pushing live.

Out-of-the-box plugins

Use pre-made workflows created by BlueCat to automate standard DDI management processes, deploy self-service, and gather DDI data.

DIY customization

Build on the existing scripts and code snippets used by BlueCat admins to accelerate your own automation projects.

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