React faster at the wire with BlueCat and ExtraHop

With the BlueCat ExtraHop Plugin, automatically create missing PTR records, and detect and react to security threats before they reach DNS servers.

Last updated on April 29, 2021.

It’s no secret among network admins that the closer you can get to real-time data, the faster you can react. But without the tools to interpret data at the wire and automate with rule-based business logic, network teams can’t intervene before the business feels the impact. This gap in tools can result in poor user experiences or increased risk of security breaches.

Get closer to the wire with the ExtraHop Plugin

Today’s enterprise network teams leverage the BlueCat ExtraHop Plugin to get closer to the wire. With it, they can:

  1. Reduce time to detect threats before they reach DNS servers.
  2. Improve service-level agreements by creating missing records for critical services and users.
  3. React faster with AI to detect threats.

Let’s look at two everyday situations that organizations face today:

The elusive PTR record

One of the most critical services that keeps business moving is email. A missing PTR record can mean a user is unable to access email services. It’s not uncommon for these records to go missing or become stale, especially during migration or integrations with other tools. To fix this, network teams must create a new record in BlueCat Address Manager.

With BlueCat Gateway, ExtraHop can self-heal when a missing record is detected. It triggers automation tasks to create a missing record based on rules defined by admins. By leveraging BlueCat Gateway, ExtraHop can intervene to ensure a good user experience and reduce business revenue risks.

Stopping threats in their tracks

Traditionally, meeting a threat head-on meant detecting and stopping it at the DNS server level. Although BlueCat Edge provides advanced DNS security with powerful threat intelligence tools, organizations can bolster security by applying it at the wire. Today’s advanced network teams can meet cyber threats in real-time as they reach the server. To add this additional security layer, network and security teams use machine AI from ExtraHop to detect threats and apply BlueCat Edge blocking policies before they reach DNS servers.

Network teams need tools to accelerate the detection and remediation of errors and threats. Having an ear to data at the wire provides a more immediate, economic, and stable solution for automation than “log all” approaches. The BlueCat ExtraHop Plugin enhances the visibility and resolution of errors and threats to help maintain resource uptime. Consequently, it helps ensure that users can successfully and safely access critical services and apps.

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