Step into the Customer Portal: Getting the Most Out of BlueCat

Are you a BlueCat customer looking to get more out of your enterprise software?

Are you a BlueCat customer looking to get more out of your enterprise software? Whether you’re interested in our API, or you want to contribute to the BlueCat customer community, step into BlueCat’s Customer Care Portal and take advantage of the wealth of informative articles and exclusive webinars.

If you’re a BlueCat customer and you’re not using the Care Portal yet, here’s a few reasons why you should be.

The Care Portal features:

Easy Access to Information

  • Solutions to common issues and FAQs as well as product documentation, tools, and troubleshooting tips Regular feature highlights, answers and suggested best practices
  • Easy-to-find product documentation, software and patch downloads The Upgrade Wizard helps you search for relevant documentation by product, current version, and target version
  • Product release notes, administration and installation guides
  • Have a great idea for an upcoming release? Want to submit a feature request? Have a question or concern? Filter discussions and solution articles by topic (e.g., API, security, hardware troubleshooting, upgrades, tools, appliances…)
  • Check out the User Groups page and connect with other BlueCat users and learn about upcoming features and functionality

Fast Response Time

  • Multi-channel 24/7 support from our team of experts
  • Efficient case submission and status updates for all open and closed cases
  • Prompt responses to high severity issues that consistently exceed SLA expectations
  • Search our knowledge base for a relevant Solution article, or ask the community for their advice. BlueCat customers and employees alike browse the boards and offer advice
  • Crowdsourced answers and vetted solution articles help you solve your problem quickly without creating a case/engaging the Care team

Customer Appreciation

  • The Knowledge Leaderboard features the community’s top contributors
  • Connect, Educate and Learn (CEL) user groups offer customers a chance to meet with BlueCat experts to hear firsthand about upcoming product features and functionality
  • Customers who regularly contribute their ideas, insights, and experience to the community may be featured on the Knowledge Leaderboard on the portal’s homepage which shows the community’s top contributors, their accumulated points, and their areas of expertise
  • You can vote for the best answers and receive points by posting questions and answers.
  • If you accumulate enough points and actively participate in the community, you could become BlueCat Ambassador of the Month! For all your contributions to the community, we’ll send you some BlueCat swag to show our appreciation.

To log in to the portal, visit and enter your BlueCat credentials. If you have not yet received any login credentials, contact Customer Care ( to register for a Care Portal account.

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