Adaptive Application

    BlueCat Distributed DDNS

    BlueCat Distributed DDNS provides more control, scalability, and resilience of dynamic DNS updates across large and distributed networks.

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    BlueCat Network Discovery

    BlueCat Network Discovery provides visibility into assigned IP addresses across segmented networks for accurate network management.

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    BlueCat Server Update Services

    BlueCat Server Update Services provides flexible update and patch management for server farms to ensure resilient and secure infrastructure.

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    BlueCat Health Monitoring

    BlueCat Health Monitoring provides alerts and interactive health visualizations for DNS and DHCP servers to keep IT moving at the speed of business.

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    BlueCat Hybrid DNS Update

    BlueCat Hybrid DNS Update automates DNS updates for hybrid cloud environments, so network teams can move at the speed of business.

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    BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

    Get visibility and control into Microsoft Active Directory by importing DNS records, updates, DHCP transactions, and network data.

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    Cloud Discovery & Visibility

    Discover cloud resources to integrate into the BlueCat platform, get updates in near-real-time, and automatically build DNS records and new target domains.

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    Global Server Selector

    With the simple UI in BlueCat‘s Global Server Selector, easily configure and update DNS for highly available services and distributed applications.

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    Device Registration Portal (DRP)

    With the Device Registration Portal (DRP), register and track mobile and portable devices connected to your internal network.

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