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Migrating to BlueCat Adaptive DNS

In this whitepaper, explore our proven methodology and the processes we use to ensure successful migrations to BlueCat’s Adaptive DNS solution.

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    Protecting Your Data Migration

    With BlueCat’s Intelligent DNS, you can protect against downtime by controlling the DNS resolution path.

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    Reduce network complexity

    Eliminate the need for complicated forwarding rules and duplicate name records by controlling resolution pathways. DNS Edge finds the right pathway by…

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    Case Study: Swisslos

    The Customer Swisslos is one of two Swiss lottery companies. Based in Basel, it provides the German- and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland (as well as…

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    Live Demo of BlueCat Gateway 18.10.1

    Automating your DNS infrastructure has never been easier. This video shows how DNS Gateway simplifies the automation of standard DNS tasks such as adding…

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    Intelligent Forwarding

    BlueCat’s intelligent DNS simplifies DNS management across environments, reduces complexity, and avoids costly errors.

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    DNS glossary

    Understanding DDI can be challenging.

    All that jargon. All those acronyms. It’s why we’ve written an A-Z of DNS-related terms. You’ll never mix up ‘NSD’ and ‘NTP’ at a dinner party again…

    See the glossary

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