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BlueCat Infrastructure Assurance for Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewalls

Infrastructure Assurance proactively alerts Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall users to issues and provides remediation steps to resolve them.

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Deepen your security insight with Infrastructure Assurance 8.3

BlueCat Infrastructure Assurance 8.3, with an enhanced analytics dashboard, including interactive widgets and top 10 alerts, is now available.

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Seven reasons to rethink firewall monitoring and boost automation 

With BlueCat Infrastructure Assurance, you can better protect your network with automated alerts and suggested remedies for hidden issues in your firewalls.

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Enhance DNS control with BlueCat Edge SPv4

With a multi-service architecture, BlueCat Edge SPv4 now supports simultaneous add-on modules for security, networking, cloud, and branch offices.

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Cisco Live 2023: Introducing Zero Trust DNS

Unveiled at Cisco Live, Zero Trust DNS from BlueCat offers continuous verification, least-privilege access, and context and response to secure networks.

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How to secure your network with DNS security

DNS is usually thought of as something that needs to be protected. But you can also leverage DNS security to better defend your enterprise network.

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Manifest V3 doubts? Try a DNS-based solution

Learn how Google Manifest V3 changes may impact anti-tracking and ad blockers and how a DNS solution might be a better option for your enterprise network.

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DDI maturity drives multi-cloud automation and security

This infographic examines the evolving states of DDI maturity and how DDI maturity drives multicloud, automation, and security.

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BlueCat evolves its DDI portfolio to empower IT and network admins

New features tame network complexity, reduce costs, improve security, and automate DDI tasks to drive rapid innovation.

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BlueCat Edge for security

BlueCat Edge allows security teams to leverage the DNS data that it captures for another layer of security intelligence and protection.

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Clarke: How to mitigate ransomware, protect the cloud

Renowned cybersecurity expert Richard Clarke delves into protecting your network from ransomware and what cloud adoption means for your security strategy.

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Examining the Log4j2 vulnerability and our response

Learn how the Java-based Log4j2 logging vulnerability works, how severe it is, its potential effects on BlueCat products, and what has been done to fix it.

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