BlueCat Named One of the Best Workplaces in Technology for Third Year

Last updated on April 29, 2021.

In a world where tech companies are a dime a dozen, BlueCat is not just another one in the bunch. What makes us different? For starters, BlueCat was named on the 2019 list of Best Workplaces in Technology for the third year in a row. We’re proud to add this accolade to the others we received this year, including Best Workplace in Canada and Best Workplace for Mental Wellness.

The tech industry demands innovation to be relevant and successful. Often, people narrowly believe that framework applies to a product or service. However, the same philosophy applied to a company’s greatest asset, their people, is just as promising.

Here are just of three ways we’re breaking the mold.

Buddy Onboarding System

As a growing company, new people are always joining BlueCat. Being the new kid on the block can be intimidating, especially if you’re working remotely. Our Buddy Onboarding System here ensures each new employee has a go-to person to help navigate their first couple months.

Managers select a person they believe can help their new hire ramp up in the organization. Beyond figuring out new responsibilities, knowing the expense form protocol or where the coffee machines are can be part of that new job stress. That’s where a Buddy comes in.

It’s also no question that onboarding requires time and attention that’s in high demand. Having a Buddy distributes that effort across a group of people. And to the new employee’s benefit, they have a team of people to support their success.

Culture Code

Too often do core values live solely on company websites and employee handbooks. At BlueCat, we have a different approach. We asked how do we apply the core values everyday?

Our Culture Code answers that question. It consists of five simple action statements based on our values.

The Culture Code is straightforward and anyone in the company can use them, from Customer Care and Product Development to Finance and Marketing. The best part is they are 100% crowdsourced from the fine people at BlueCat. Unlike some companies that rely on top management to define a path, we looked to our employees to blaze the trail.

Ask Me Anything

We recently brought the popular trend to BlueCat. For the first of many AMAs, Andrew Wertkin, Chief Strategy Officer, and Petrisa Pecnik, Vice President, Customer Success, answered employees most pressing questions.

From our offices worldwide, everyone joined the dedicated Slack channel and all topics were fair game. So what did we learn from Andrew and Petrisa? Compelling career advice for new graduates, who their favourite customer is, and how they stay ahead of the ever changing tech landscape. But the real gems were finding out which end of the banana do they peel from, who believes a hot dog is sandwich, and which DNS record they identify with.

Following our first sessions, positive feedback flooded in. Aside from the pure amusement an AMA provides, it was refreshing for our employees to connect with the management team in a new way.

Interested in joining the BlueCat family, check out our Careers page.

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