Enhancing DDI automation and security with Men&Mice and Indeni

Following its recent acquisitions, BlueCat now offers DDI orchestration with Micetro and proactive monitoring of DDI devices with Infrastructure Assurance.

Cloud transformation, remote work, and the explosion of IoT devices have strained most organizations’ networks—but managing them just got easier. Earlier this year, we bolstered our DDI management offerings with our acquisitions of Men&Mice and Indeni. Now that we’ve begun our integration work, I’d like to share where we’re headed and why.

DDI services are essential to routing traffic and establishing network connections in on-premises, multicloud, and hybrid cloud environments. DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, together known as DDI, provide the core services that enable network communications. Our DDI offerings integrate these functions to reduce network operations complexity and increase visibility.

Micetro, a mid-market DDI orchestration solution

Our acquisition of Men&Mice enhances our mission-critical network and cloud infrastructure software with the addition of Micetro. This DDI orchestration solution extends BlueCat’s mid-market offerings. Micetro is purpose-built for companies that want to orchestrate existing DNS and DHCP services from multiple providers. Our core network services portfolio, which also includes our integrated DDI platform, Integrity, now more fully addresses the complex requirements of multicloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises environments at every stage of a customers’ network journey.

BlueCat Infrastructure Assurance for proactive network monitoring

In August, we used Indeni technology to launch BlueCat Infrastructure Assurance, a proactive monitoring and automation solution for BlueCat DDI devices. Infrastructure Assurance alerts network teams of possible disruptions and gives step-by-step remediation plans to prevent outages. Different from basic monitoring systems, this technology draws from the expertise of Indeni’s robust network engineering user community to provide a library of automated workflows for detecting, triaging, and troubleshooting network and security issues. This accelerates issue resolution and helps users validate network designs and security policies.

We are committed to evolving the Indeni platform, both in the breadth of supported devices and the depth of knowledge. We aim to help NetOps teams assure the health of their network appliances such as firewalls, load balancers, and secure web proxies. Misconfigured firewall and DNS appliances cause most DNS outages. Indeni’s platform can identify these issues before they cause damage.

In addition to gaining leading-edge technology to enhance BlueCat offerings, we’ve retained the considerable sales, IT, operations, customer success, and engineering talent of Men&Mice and Indeni. This is a win for the customers of all three companies. Men&Mice and Indeni’s customers will have access to more integrated offerings to better manage networks, as well as BlueCat’s industry-leading customer service.

I want to recognize Men&Mice’s and Indeni’s employees and leadership under CEOs Magnús Björnsson and Yonadav Leitersdorf, respectively. Their companies created ingenious solutions that make networks more visible, manageable, resilient, and safe. Organizations of all sizes throughout the world have adopted these solutions.

The value of DDI management solutions

Enterprises are shifting applications to the cloud and deploying infrastructure as code. But they are running into the kind of issues complexity introduces: more cumbersome management, unexpected failures, and new security gaps. Adopting cloud-based applications and deploying infrastructure as code on aging network infrastructure is risky, and managing DDI the traditional way can cause instability. Network operations teams need more dynamic, automated ways to manage networks and toughen them against slowdowns, failures and security risks.

Network stability and security are important steps, but organizations must also optimize DDI management so that they can do more than just survive. They must be able to readily adapt to and extract full business value from cloud adoption.

DDI integration and automation creates more resilient networks while removing considerable operational complexity and improving security. BlueCat provides organizations with the best possible DDI solutions for managing the foundations of networks. Now, we are even better equipped to help customers achieve their digital transformation goals. I invite you to explore our DDI solutions today.

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As Chief Strategy Officer, Andrew works closely with BlueCat’s CEO and executive team to chart BlueCat’s course as it continues to build market share. Previously BlueCat’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Andrew also works with leading enterprises and technology partners as BlueCat creates more value for its current and prospective customers.

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