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Does cloud adoption mean fractured DNS authority across your enterprise? Sign up for our in-depth webinar series hosted by-product management on what the future of your hybrid environment looks like with BlueCat solutions.

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Past Webinars

Manage overlapping cloud networks like a boss

March 23rd @ 1PM ET

Get an insider look into new capabilities and enhancements coming in BlueCat Integrity 9.3. As networks start to diversify into the cloud, NetOps struggles to keep up with compounding network complexity. Without end-to-end visibility and uncompromised access to network data, the business is open to compliance, resilience, and service delivery risks.

In this 30min webinar, see how BlueCat Integrity 9.3 can:

  • Provide more audit data without impacting performance
  • Help navigate complex network relationships
  • Take the brakes off automation

Tame complex DNS forwarding in the cloud with BlueCat Intelligent Forwarding

February 23rd @ 1PM ET

How prepared are you to tame the growing jungle of DNS forwarding rules in the cloud? Today’s seasoned network admin knows that configuring layer upon layer of conditional forwarding rules in BIND consumes management resources and increases the risk of outages. That means increased costs and poor user experiences when delivering critical Direct Internet Access (DIA) or SaaS services.

In this 30-minute webinar, BlueCat will walk you through new intelligent forwarding capabilities to:

  • Help optimize DNS resolution
  • Reduce network congestion
  • Ensure secure and fast direct internet access

Regain control of DDI & accelerate delivery of critical DNS services to cloud teams

January 26 @ 1PM ET

Where are you on the road to cloud adoption? Most network admins are struggling to keep up with Cloud and DevOps rapid delivery of new applications and services. That’s because NetOps lacks automation tools to provision DNS faster and maintain centralized visibility and control of DNS zones and delegations across the hybrid enterprise.

In this 30-minute webinar, BlueCat will walk you through the tools you’ll need to:

  • Accelerate DDI ready cloud provisioning
  • Regain control of authoritative DNS governance
  • Centralize visibility across multi-cloud environments

Recording & Blueprint

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Cloud Blueprints

Download an example BlueCat architecture that can be used as a guide while setting up your hybrid cloud DDI environment:

Google Cloud

(coming soon)

Microsoft Azure

(coming soon)

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