Automation for the fast and furious

Automate common DDI tasks, ensure visibility, and improve network resiliency.

Don’t meet SLAs. Beat them!

The only way to keep up with network demand is with automation. And that requires centralized visibility and control over DDI data in any environment. With BlueCat apps and plugins, learn how you can not just meet, but beat, SLAs by:

  • Collecting and centralizing all DDI data across hybrid cloud
  • Improving integrations and unifying requests on a single platform
  • Completing the last mile of automation for IT request fulfillment

BlueCat ServiceNow CMDB Plugin

The ServiceNow CMDB enhances configuration management real-time visibility into BlueCat assets, improving ticketing automation and analysis.

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Cloud Discovery & Visibility

Discover cloud resources to integrate into the BlueCat platform, get updates in near-real-time, and automatically build DNS records and new target domains.

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BlueCat Overlay for Microsoft

Get visibility and control into Microsoft Active Directory by importing DNS records, updates, DHCP transactions, and network data.

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Cloud Resolver

Learn how the first cloud-native DNS resolver can provide immediate resolution to and across any cloud.

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Decrease automation drag

Scared to move fast because you’re worried about the up-time of infrastructure? BlueCat provides apps and plugins that let you scale DDI provisioning with complete confidence over failover. As a result, you can:

  • Access resources the moment they are stood up
  • Get ahead of infrastructure performance
  • Tailor failover to emergency plans

Ansible Module

With the BlueCat Ansible Module, extend the functionality of your Ansible playbooks to include automation of tasks within the BlueCat platform.

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Get visibility into OpenStack managed networks in BlueCat Address Manager and seamlessly automate DNS provisioning of new compute instances.

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Adaptive Failover Package

With BlueCat’s Failover Package, get the flexibility to manually control or automate DNS server failover when an outage is detected.

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Rev up your automation engine with our platform

With BlueCat, you can reduce 80% of manual work, from routine DNS provisioning tasks to complex and time-consuming network changes. Learn how to:

  • Basic automation using BlueCat Gateway
  • Intermediate automation for integrations
  • Advanced automation for failover and IP address management

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