BlueCat’s Cisco Live 2019 adventures

BlueCat unveiled Adaptive DNS as the future of networking, talked about intent-based networking, and demoed its integration with Cisco DNA Center at Cisco Live 2019 in San Diego.

This year, the BlueCat team gather in sunny San Diego for Cisco Live 2019. Over the span of four days, we connected with thousands of conference attendees. The technology streams inspired thought-provoking presentations from many speakers and sparked endless conversations between us and attendees.

The BlueCat booth never had a dull moment. Folks gathered to see our latest Cisco integration with DNA Center. Others got competitive playing with switch pitch balls and giant Jenga.

Introducing Adaptive DNS

VP of Marketing Jim Williams took the BlueCat stage to describe IT teams’ biggest challenges and compounding complexities. The audience nodded their heads and smirked to themselves as Jim compared network architectures to playing a game of Jenga. They knew all too well what one wrong move could do to their networks.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Jim debuted Adaptive DNS, the future of networking. It is flexible and resilient, and doesn’t crumble under the evolving needs of your business. Conference attendees welcomed the idea as a solution to their day-to-day challenges.

Cisco Live 2019 attendees try out a giant game of Jenga at BlueCat

Intent-based networking: The self-driving cars of networking

Intent-based networking was a popular topic at Cisco Live this year. An audience gathered as our Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Wertkin shared his perspective on the evolution of networking and cars, and their parallels. At the beginning, both industries focused on the mechanics and equipment in a rigid system. Over time, the technology evolved to simplify the user experience.

Now, intent-based networking and self-driving cars are designed with pre-programmed logic and the ability to collect and correlate data. Both of which allow users to get their desired results with much less effort. More importantly, moving towards intent-based networking requires an infrastructure that supports it.

That is where Adaptive DNS comes in.

At Cisco Live 2019, BlueCat Chief Strategy Officer Andrew Wertkin gave a talk about intent-based networking to booth visitors

BlueCat + Cisco DNA Center = awesome

Live demos of our Cisco DNA Center integration drew crowds to the booth and was the the topic we were most frequently asked about. Cisco DNA Center uses intent-based networking to simplify network management. It also integrates with external systems to support automated functionality.

Our integration allows for seamless, automated allocation and validation of IP addresses within Cisco DNA Center.

At Cisco Live 2019, booth visitors got live demos of BlueCat

Overall, it was another memorable year at Cisco Live for the BlueCat team.

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BlueCat provides core services and solutions that help our customers and their teams deliver change-ready networks. With BlueCat, organizations can build reliable, secure, and agile mission-critical networks that can support transformation initiatives such as cloud adoption and automation. BlueCat’s growing portfolio includes services and solutions for automated and unified DDI management, network security, multicloud management, and network observability and health.

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